This will be a really short post… I think.

Anyhoo, watched the live broadcast of Nintendo and  Sony’s E3 conferences yesterday on Nintendo’s was a bit boring while Sony’s was exciting. Really enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (BOX!!!) and Final Fantasy XIII trailers. I can’t wait for both games!

Also, my boyfriend gave me Advent Children Complete last night for my birthday (advanced). I was so happy I just kept bouncing around… mostly because of the FFXIII demo that came with it. Watched the videos of Versus and Agito and I was floored by the graphics of Versus. Simply beautiful. My only complaint is that the characters look too Japanese. It’s ok for the main male lead, but the blonde girl looks like a Japanese girl/woman with blonde hair and blue contacts. Other than that… I was speachless.

Then… the demo… I had no words. My eyes were tearing a bit while watching the “opening” cut scene/FMV. The graphics changed for the in-game cut scenes and battles but still very good.

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Big Boss???

Big Boss???

Like so many Metal Gear Solid/Kojima Production fans, I am eagerly anticipating the official (and complete) announcement of the next installment in the story… or at least, whatever it is that the Flash site is hinting at. Every time I visit the site I seem to miss when the clock starts up for another countdown. This time, there are around 100+ hours left. Using an online countdown calculator, it seems that this countdown will end on May 31, 2009 around 7:00pm in my corner of the world.

Need to make sure that I’ll have access to a computer and check the site at that time. Hopefully the next announcement or whatever will be something solid (no pun intended) and no more hints. But I wouldn’t mind more waiting. This whole thing is fun (really)! As long as the new stuff only happen at the end of the countdowns I’ll be fine. Either way, I can just catch up by reading other sites and blogs ^_^’


Got inFamous 3 days before official release date.

Went out yesterday to buy a couple of things when my boyfriend spotted inFamous on a store shelf. My reaction was “oh, it’s out already?” (I didn’t know the release date, as far as I knew, it could have been today, yesterday or next month), his was to pick it up immediately and go to the cashiers. Apparently the release date is on Tusday, May 26. He bought it yesterday, May 23. I will have to wait for Tuesday for my copy since there was only one left on the shelf.

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On Finishing Resident Evil 5

23 May 2009 In: PS3, QuickPost, Video Games

Finished Resident Evil 5 some weeks ago. It was a really fun game and I especially enjoyed the co-op feature. However, it didn’t really feel like a Resident Evil game. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it was the zombies, maybe it’s the fact that it felt more like a shooting game than a horror game but it’s not the same.

The developers probably had a good reason for the new look and feel, but I hope that if they come out with the new one that it has a more defined horror feel to it. All the others made my heart thud louder in my chest. Thinking of Nemesis kinda gives me the chills XD RE5 on the other hand was just point and shoot. Fun, but definitely not the same experience.

Oh, and slightly off topic, I kind of miss games with fixed cameras ^^’ Giveaway has Arrived!

19 May 2009 In: Nendoroid, Personal


The package arrived nearly two weeks ago on a Wednesday. I had to take a bus to pick it up because no one was home to sign for it. I was really worried because it was a rainy day but thankfully by the time I got it, it was just foggy. Damp, but not raining.

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Quick Post: Must Change Layout…

30 Apr 2009 In: QuickPost

After my last two posts, I realized that I need a layout change. It looked really nice to me and worked very well for my purposes but now it just looks cluttered. Red is not my favorite color either. Besides, the reason why I decided to find a host outside Wordpress.Com was to be able to try making my own layout.

Summer is here. I’d better get cracking. First thing on my list is fixing the smileys. They’re off for some reason and the ones that appear in the post are not the same as the ones lined up where you type comments XD

Haha, I have so much to do ^_^/


Brown Rice Tea with Tsuruya~

Caught the seasonal flu over the weekend. Still recovering now but I feel much better. The first day was horrible. I think that was the first time I ever had the flu (not counting stomach flu). I’ll spare you the details though. Anyway, I was told by the doctor to drink lots of fluids so I am now drinking obscene amounts of Gatorade and Japanese Brown Rice Tea <3

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DannyChoo.Com Giveaway

27 Apr 2009 In: Personal

Found out today that I won the Giveaway contest! Was sick over the weekend so I only found out this morning ^^’ (and still sick)

I was really surprised because I couldn’t find all the prices of the food even if I searched through the restaurant pages of I guess I didn’t find them all XD

This was the second one I participated in and I didn’t expect to win. Really happy though ^_^ The first round was guessing how many of Danny’s machines were running OS X. I searched for all the pictures were Mac related and added the Dell mini.

Second round was funny. I just got back from a grueling exam and my head was mushy so even if I found the prices of each of the items through Hobby Link Japan, I still got it wrong. One was because Danny didn’t have to pay for them, and even if he did, I thought one of the items were two separate items >.> But we all got a second chance so yay! ^_^

Final round was guessing how much he spent in Ikea. Found all the furniture and even the bulbs, which were tough to find. However, what was even tougher to find was the food. Found some of the prices in the restaurant section of the but not all. I think I found the cookies that were in the picture with the car but wasn’t sure. Either way, I added it since I couldn’t find the prices of the other food.

Will be posting about the Nendoroid and the calendar when they arrive. Thanks again to Danny Choo and Hobby Link Japan!

First Impressions: K-On!

7 Apr 2009 In: Anime
K-On! Group Shot

K-On! Cast

Note: Currently working on a paper, re-watching the first episode of K-On, drinking brown rice tea and helping (and failing) mom use the call function on Yahoo Messenger… so pardon the messy post.

I was browsing through when I stumbled upon his article about K-On!. I only read up to the second image because I couldn’t wait to watch it. I finished the first episode yesterday and already I’m hooked.

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Joined Twitter

2 Apr 2009 In: Personal

Been avoiding joining Twitter ever since I joined Plurk. There are some people who think they are the same thing, some people who don’t care, and some people who are personally insulted if they are compared.

Anyway, I haven’t Plurked in a long time and only joined Twitter for school purposes, to track a project’s progress. But now I added my classmates so we’ll see how long I will continue Twitt…ing?

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